Geriatric Care Management

Excell Personal Care’s Geriatric Care Management program provides clients and their families a single point of contact to help coordinate holistic assistance and care for aging adults and those with chronic and / or changing health conditions. By encouraging independence, geriatric care managers help clients maintain independence and fully enjoy life as they age.

Focused on client advocacy and education, Care Managers take a holistic approach and are available to work with clients and their family members to help with any of the following:

  • Determine, select, initiate and monitor suitable services at home.
  • Coordinate medical management by attending medical appointments and facilitating communication between the physician, client and family.
  • Effective care managers can reduce the rate of client hospitalization/re-hospitalization by helping the client adhere to medical orders and gauging the client’s response accordingly.
  • Ensure the safest housing accommodations for clients by assisting in the selection of new residential options, and assessing existing home safety, as well as recommending and implementing technologies and devices to add to the safety of the home.
  • Provide referrals to legal professionals and eldercare attorneys when necessary, as well as providing expert opinion to courts as needed.
  • Conduct financial review and oversight of the client's accountant or Power of Attorney to minimize the risk of exploitation or abuse.
  • Provide ongoing communication to keep family members and medical professionals aware of the client's well-being and any changes that might occur.
  • Perform continuous monitoring through weekly phone calls and monthly home visits. Care Managers continue planning and problem solving, to ensure that the client-centered plan is modified as needed in order to best meet the needs of clients, their families and medical professionals.