Excell Home Care, Hospice and Personal Care's mission is to provide seamless, team-oriented, collaborative and coordinated services for its patients. Excell is dedicated to providing safe, individualized, comprehensive and excellent quality of genuine care for its patients and their families. Excell is committed to helping adults maintain their comfort, independence and dignity at home or in their place of residence, no matter how small or great the need may be.

Excell provides exceptional, comprehensive assistance to ensure the well-being of each patient we serve. As an established, reputable and highly-diversified service provider, Excell offers a wide array of skilled nursing and rehabilitation services, hospice care, personal care, Geriatric Care Management and ADvantage Program.

We believe our clients and patients deserve world-class service and aim to treat all of our customers like royalty. Excell's commitment to excellence, integrity, honesty, caring, compassion, attentiveness, creativity and innovation means that all of our customer's needs, both expressed and unspoken, are met with the highest level of attention.

Purple has long been the color of royalty, and we have woven the color into everything we do as a reminder of our philosophy: Our customers deserve world-class treatment.

Based in Oklahoma City and operating in various counties throughout the state, Excell Home Care and Hospice is Medicare certified and licensed by the Oklahoma State Department of Health. Excell Personal Care is licensed by the Oklahoma State Department of Health and the Oklahoma Department of Human Services.