Mina Acquaye RN, BSN, MPH, CHCE founded Excell Home Healthcare, Hospice and Personal Care in 1996. Inspired by her husband’s business valor, Mina wanted to express her personal philosophies about customer service and provide patients with a higher level of healthcare.  An RN by trade, Mina’s biggest joy comes from interacting with people and providing five-star comfort to patients who are in a vulnerable state. She cherishes the ability to be a part of the changing dynamics of the elderly and is thankful for the positive influence Excell has on individuals and their families.  Purple has long been associated with royalty and the Excell team believe their clients and patients should be treated as such.

Purple has long been the color of royalty, and we have woven the color into everything we do as a reminder of our philosophy: Our customers deserve world-class treatment.

In November 2017, the assets of Excell were acquired by Prairie View Healthcare, Inc. Excell Home Health & Hospice is led by Executive Director,  Spencer Nolen and Excell Private Care Services is led by Executive Director, Crystal Warner .  With new leadership, Excell will continue the legacy of Excellence as our staff members continues to bring life changing service to the patients they serve.  It is true that we provide life changing service to our community.  

Today, Excell is still known for its unparalleled compassion and having the most experienced nurses and caregivers in the industry.